MindTouch TCS, the perfect tool for your product help community

As of January 5th, 2011, MindTouch is no longer hosting Wik.is sites.
With its recent release of MindTouch Technical Communications Suite (TCS), we are dedicated to bringing you the industry leading platform for building next generation product help communities.

What is MindTouch TCS?

It's a cloud-based social knowledge base that your customers will actually love using. The simple wiki-like interface makes MindTouch TCS perfect for creating product help communities.

Key Benefits

  1. Lower your customer support costs.
  2. Juice your search engine ranking (SEO).
  3. Create more engaged and loyal customers.
  4. Increase your lead generation.
  5. Sell and market better with personalization.

Evolution of Product Help

Help 2.0 with MindTouch

MindTouch TCS Feature Overview

  • Collaborative (Multi-user) Content Authoring

    Collaborative (Multi-user) Content Authoring

    MindTouch TCS provides easy-to-use, wiki-like collaborative authoring that provides an elegant experience for co-creating with authors, subject matter experts, and even your community of users. This includes a complete audit trail and revision history that allows you to view or roll back edits. Site administrators have a robust set of permissioning and security controls.

  • Content Workflows and Moderation

    Workflows and Moderation

    In addition to the robust out-of-the-box administrative capabilities for permissioning, blocking, banning and governing users, groups, and content, MindTouch offers additional tools for creating workflows and content moderation that allow staged publishing and the ability to moderate community member contributions.

  • Community Scoring and Feedback

    Community Scoring and Feedback

    Community Scoring is one of the simplest ways to interact with your users. In a click, users can score and comment on your content providing you with valuable feedback that informs your product help strategy, product marketing, sales, and product development.

Why MindTouch TCS?

  • MindTouch customers report a 10% increase in leads generated from their MindTouch powered documentation.
  • Documentation is a critical step in your prospect's due diligence. The improved navigation, search and quality of content delivered by MindTouch converts more of these prospects to customers.
  • Average cost of a support phone call - $155. Average cost of customer finding their solution via your MindTouch TCS documentation - $0.05. You do the math.
  • Easily collaborate with contributors within and beyond the corporate firewall, because it takes a team to create the best documentation.

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