Case Study: MindTouch Allows Zuora to

Ditch the Wiki and Provide Stellar Self-Service

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Companies who rely on subscriptions for revenue need killer online self-service like a fish needs water. If you aren’t making it easy for customers to succeed with your product, your up the dried-out-revenue-stream without a paddle.

That’s why Zuora turned to MindTouch. Find how MindTouch helps Zuora turn customers into product experts by downloading the case study.

The most successful businesses are focused on building valuable customer relationships. MindTouch understands both the importance of the subscription economy and how customer relationships evolve over time.

As a MindTouch customer, we know that we have a partner that is fanatical about our success with their products. This new licensing model literally puts their money--license revenue--where their mouth is.

- Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO of Zuora